Why Buy My Courses?

Why should you buy my video courses? Let me count the reasons.

Because it will save you money. Most evictions are the result of a cost-benefit analysis that determines you will make more money by removing one tenant and finding a new one. Time is of the essence. The sooner you can remove the non-paying or non-compliant tenant, the sooner you can acquire a paying tenant who won’t run off your other paying tenants. As a result, mistakes along the way mean it takes longer to get rid of your non-paying tenants or tenants that are disturbing others, which takes money out of your pocket. The videos will teach you and your staff to avoid these mistakes, which will pay for the cost of the video many times over.

Because it protects your investment. Investing in rental property is unlike investing in the stock market. When you invest in the market, your risk is limited to the amount of your investment. In rental property, you could not only lose your investment, you can lose much, much more. Making a mistake with your tenant might not only cause result in decreased profits, it could create significant liability for you. Kentucky law allows tenants to sue their landlords for retaliatory eviction, unlawful ouster, and housing discrimination. It's not unheard of any more for landlords to get hit with jury verdicts of six and seven figures, and when that happens, the landlord is usually required to pay the tenant's attorney's fees, which are almost certain to be tens of thousands of dollars. Beyond that, the landlord will have had to pay his own attorney to deal with the case. My videos will give you the knowledge you and your staff need to avoid catastrophic mistakes that put your investment, and more, at risk.

Because it’s the fastest, best, and most convenient way to train your staff. There are many ways to train your staff. There are seminars and classes that you can attend or require your staff to attend, or you can just establish mentoring relationships from the top down. All of these options are either quite expensive and require significant time out of the office (seminars and courses), or they take significant amounts of time (mentoring/training). My videos allow your staff to be trained quickly by someone who is an expert in Kentucky law and procedures without leaving the office. The videos can be watched repeatedly until the concepts are understood completely. Each new hire can watch my videos and understand the issues addressed as well as most attorneys in the state. In an industry with high employee turnover, fast and thorough training is a tremendous asset.

Because it will save you time. Most landlords don't realize the administrative costs of a Housing Discrimination case. Even when you settle the case, there are significant compliance, advertising, and reporting requirements that will take you or your staff hours and hours to complete. The best practice is to avoid these issues altogether by training your staff thoroughly on the front end. 

Because Fair Housing testing is real. Advocacy groups from as far away as Texas pay people to pose as interested renters who call or visit your property to see if your rental policies are compliant with Fair Housing law. Such advocacy groups have filed dozens of Housing Discrimination Complaints over the past several months. It's only a matter of time before they hit your property. 

Because a trained staff is a happy staff. Part of what you are buying with my videos is confidence. Far too often, tenants are more familiar with the law than are the managers. As a result, tenants can making bogus claims that put managers on the defensive. My videos will give you and your staff the confidence to call these bluffs and proceed without fear of missteps.

Because it increases your marketability.  Managers and leasing agents, you are in a very competitive industry. Whenever a new position opens, it doesn't stay open for long. You need something that will set you apart from your competition. Owners and management companies are looking for people that they don't have to spend lots of time and money to train. By watching my videos and absorbing the content, you can walk into your interview and let them know that you'll be ready on day one to deal with almost any eviction issue that might be encountered. When you tell them that you've been trained by Kentucky's expert in landlord-tenant law, you're a step ahead of your competition. 


I avoid Fair Housing problems by treating everyone the same. Unfortunately, this level of understanding of Fair Housing law will cost you a lot of money. In certain cases, the Fair Housing Act requires you to treat some people differently. By watching my videos on Fair Housing, you'll know when you need to treat everyone the same and when you are legally required to make exceptions. 

But I don’t have many evictions at my property. If you don’t have many evictions, you’re ahead of the rental game, but the odds say that this scenario will eventually change. I take calls every day from people who tell me that they’ve had rental property for years, and it’s the first time they’ve had to file an eviction. Most of the time, they’ve waited too long to file the eviction because, frankly, they didn’t know what to do. As a result, their tenants now owe several months’ worth of rent, which will likely never be collected. If these landlords had watched my video, they could have taken confident action at the right time and saved themselves more than the cost of the video. 

I’ve been evicting tenants for years without much trouble, I know what I’m doing.  Eviction courts are full of landlords who thought they knew how to do it, but found out the hard way that they were mistaken. That mistake cost some of them a month’s worth of rent, and cost others a lawsuit against them for retaliatory eviction, unlawful ouster, or housing discrimination. What’s more, there are more tenant attorneys than ever before, and more rules for landlords to follow than ever before. The next time you’re in court, there could be a tenant attorney there to point out the shortcuts you’ve always taken, resulting in a lost case and more lost money. Buying my video solves that problem once and for all. 

But Stephen, you handle all my legal issues. Why do I need your videos when I can just call you? First of all, thank you. However, while an attorney can help you navigate any particular case, the success of most cases depends on the steps taken by the landlord before the attorney gets involved. You have two options: (1) you can call your attorney for advice on every step of every matter, or (2) you can watch my videos to learn what steps to take on your own. It won't take many phone calls to an attorney to learn that  Option Number Two is both more efficient and less expensive. When you download my videos, you will always have it for future reference, which means fewer attorney fees in the future.

In summary, investing in my training courses is a no-brainer for owners, management companies, and anyone employed in the world of property management. If you're ready to get an ounce of prevention for your company, become the most marketable employee on the market, or protect your rental investment, click here to get started.