Friday Update: Calls for Rent Cancellations, Phone Zaps, Pool Closures, and Showing Occupied Units

Posted by Stephen Marshall on

Kentucky landlords are likely to hear new calls for the Governor to cancel rent payments until the COVID-19 State of Emergency is lifted. And they may start getting lots of actual phone calls requesting that they do the same. Here's a new video giving the update on this issue, along with the latest on pool closures, showing occupied units, and some new training webinars.


  • To read the Courier-Journal opinion piece calling for rent cancellations, click here
  • To see the April rent report from the National Multifamily Housing Council, click here
  • For more information of my upcoming training webinar on Assistance Animals, click here
  • To buy my COVID-19 Notice on Payment of Rent, just shoot me an e-mail to

Hope you're doing well and that the May rental figures are just as strong as April. If you need anything, shoot me an e-mail or call my cell. 

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  • I saw you on the news today. The Broken Hearted tenants group has been around since before the COVID-19 outbreak. They are trying to keep a perfectly good pandemic from going to waste by coupling their agenda to it. Nonsense. This is all an organized progressive (leftist/socialist) program that is an assault on property rights. Bad stuff. Gotta push back.

    Dave Coffey on

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