Major Change to Eviction Filings

Posted by Stephen Marshall on

On April 18, 2023, the Kentucky Supreme Court issued an order requiring all Forcible Detainer cases to be electronically filed using the Court’s e-Filing system, effectively July 1, 2023. While that may make the process simpler in the long run, we expect significant issues during the roll-out process. Simply put, the court’s e-Filing system is not set up yet for mass filings, so it may take longer than usual to get cases filed.

We are working with the Clerk’s office and the Administrative Office of the Courts to get changes made to the system that will allow cases to continue to be filed in a timely manner. If there is a delay in getting your case filed, please accept our apology and know that our team is working hard to avoid delays. We will still be filing cases each day and will complete as many as possible.

In addition, the new system assesses a charge for electronic filings. As a result, effective July 1, 2023, the cost for eviction filings will increase by $10.00.

There are going to be some growing pains with this new system and process, but we'll make it. We're working hard on our end to ensure that you'll see very little change on your end.

If you have any questions, we're always available. Please reach out to me at or my fantastic assistant, Heather Hurlock, at, or by phone at (859) 685-0035. 

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