How to Ban Former Tenants and Unwanted Guests

Posted by Stephen Marshall on

Almost everyone in the rental industry has dealt with a tenant that, for whatever reason, they do not want to return to the property. Unfortunately, banning someone from your property is not as simple as telling them not to come back. Unless your lease restricts who your tenants are allowed to invite to the property as guests, then your current tenants may still invite a former tenant to come to the property as their guest, and you would violate the contract by trying to exclude that guest. Check out the video below for tips on how to deal with this situation to keep problem former tenants from coming back to your property as guests.

How to Keep Former Tenants from Returning as Guests from Stephen Marshall on Vimeo.


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  • I would like learn more. I appreciate your you tube.

    Epifania Cabangon-Tongol on
  • Thanks a bunch, Sharon.

    Stephen Marshall on
  • A lot property’s would be in real mud if not for you and all your knowledge you are a blessing

    Sharon Harris on

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